Trang chủ Tin Tức Recap AMA Kylin (17/12/2020)

Recap AMA Kylin (17/12/2020)

At 2:00 PM (UTC) on December 17, 2020, VBC hosted the AMA show with Kylin project, whose representative for this AMA is Mr. Dylan Dewdney – CEO.

Brief introduction of Kylin project and Mr. Dylan Dewdney:

Hi All! great to be here in such a large and vibrant community!
My name is Dylan and I’ve been in crypto for some time now (pretty seriously since late 2011, and heard first about bitcoin in late 2010).
I became more progressively involved over the years in crypto, but a turning point was definitely taking part in eth ico, and holding well until the top.

I co-founded an ICO called Harbour DAO, and we worked on voting mechanisms in ERC-20 – it became a governance protocol, then I got into angel investing in both the traditional startup world and crypto space.

I started to deepen my network and meet all sorts of great people working on significant problems. Including Beam Mimblewimble team, where I became Chief Evangelist and helped their go to market. As they moved to a foundation model, I joined AdEx as Head of Growth where I still remain as an advisor.

Over time, though the Oracle Problem has been worked on, we felt the conditions to adequately solve it (through various layer 1 technologies) was not sufficient.

Ultimately you’d need high throughput capabilities, the incentive mechanism would need to be economical and aligned, and you’d need a context to cross chains.

we found all this with the advent of Substrate/Polkadot. And thus was born Kylin.

The name is based on a mythological creature in more Pan-Asian lore (though originally Japanese I think?) that portends great change.

We are leading a charge not just in the narrow sense of an oracle; though important to help power DeFi applications and functionalities, we are headed beyond providing validated price feed data. we are creating something entirely new, I think, which is a decentralized, validated data marketplace.

so this is where we are at. we have been extremely fortunate for the good faith and the support we have from our community, investors, web 3 foundation, peers, etc

and I hope, if we can build this out effectively and it becomes massified, like all crypto, we endeavor to balance the sheets a bit, and deliver more efficiency and value to a greater array of actors.
What we experience now, and the world getting built, is sort of a permutation of the basic cypherpunk vision, which was actually pretty dovetailed with early ideas of the internet. I think we got pretty twisted along the way though.
With the reliance on a centralized architecture. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that for now – or should I continue?