Trang chủ Phân Tích Recap AMA BambooDeFi hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Community (27/12/2020)

Recap AMA BambooDeFi hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Community (27/12/2020)

At 12pm (UTC) on December 27, 2020, VBC hosted the AMA show with BambooDeFi project, whose representative for this AMA is Mr. Daniel Valdés Araiz – CEO.

Brief introduction of the guest and BambooDeFi:
Daniel Valdés Araiz is the CEO of BambooDeFi and NexxyoLabs. He has been involved in the development of Blockkchain for many years, since the end of 2011. In the main company Nexxyo Labs, they develop software for third parties, from mobile applications for IOS or ANDROID to various trading tools and bots. So you can get an idea of the background of the company that develops BambooDeFi. But now… he is proud to say to the whole community that after months of work developing, organizing and testing different concepts, they can announce the birth of BambooDeFi.

In summary, and as a first presentation, BambooDefi is a decentralized ecosystem that can be used to exchange, store and “cultivate” crypto currencies. In addition to offering a fully managed ONCHAIN Lottery system.

You can see it detailed in our WP:

Below are some typical questions that the community has asked the guest:

Question 1: We can’t deny the fact that investors want a project which has real life use cases. Does bamboo defi really solve any problems or gaps in real life aspects? What are the important use cases that are worth highlighting?

Answer: The main problem is always usability.
The problem with DeFi´s is usually the difficulty of transforming the profits into FIAT money (either because of the high costs associated with the operational aspect or because of the platform’s own friction problems).

At BambooDeFi we are working on the implementation of a credit card with which all users will be able to buy using Bamboo anywhere that accepts card payments, and with the implementation of Bamboo in the Auroracryptomachines ATMs users will be able to transform Fiat directly whenever they need to.

In addition, and going into the subject of gamification and entertainment, Bamboo offers an ONCHAIN managed lottery system, we hope that this system will also go beyond the blockchain and become an interesting event for any type of user.

Question 2: DeFi project is very popular and there are many DeFi projects right now, what are your plans for now? what makes $BAMBOO unique?

Answer: A few days ago we closed a pre-sale phase, with more than 97% sold.

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