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Introducing Guild Hub: New Feature on the Mission to Embrace An Authentic Gaming Guild Community

Guild is no longer a new concept in the game industry. To blockchain gaming, guilds open the door for traditional gamers to explore games & metaverse.

However, we have difficulties: Guilds face challenges in reaching out new members, while gamers find barriers in adjusting and spending entry money to access the game.

The demand for community connections motivated to build up a unique feature for users interested in guilds activities:

➡️ Official Guild Hub:

👁‍🗨 What is Guild Hub?

Guild Hub is the destination where presents to users valuable gaming guilds in the blockchain industry: Introductions, news, and updates on guilds’ scholarship programs.

With Guild Hub, the team set the goal to be the intermediary party between guilds and gamers, leveling up users’ experience in its ecosystem.

👁‍🗨 What does Guild Hub do?

1️⃣ Notify up-to-date scholarships and guild events for users
2️⃣ Support guild partners to expand their audience base
3️⃣ Strengthen the connection among the gamefi community

Last but not least, welcome’s valuable guild partners!

🥑 Avocado DAO
🔮 GuildFi
🎮 Good Games Guild
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