Trang chủ Kiến Thức Cosmos AMA with Vietnam Blockchain Community

Cosmos AMA with Vietnam Blockchain Community

Host: Welcome everyone from VBC to AMA with Cosmos Network
Today our guest is: Ms. Chjango Unchained – Cosmos Ecosystem Developer.
First of all, can you have a brief introduction about yourself as well as your project to all of our audience in this community?

Chjango: I’m an Ecosystem Developer for the Cosmos Network. I was an early contributor to Cosmos, joining Tendermint when it was a single-digit team as a technical writer. In 2014, I became fascinated with Bitcoin, seeing its potential and so began my journey in the cryptosphere evangelizing the tech and cypherpunk values across Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia. I then joined Tendermint in mid-2017.

A quick high level overview of Cosmos: it’s the crypto project that’s ushering in the next Interchain, or the Internet of Blockchains. I hope that throughout this AMA I’ll be able to do a good job of getting your community acquainted with Cosmos technology.

Host: We will start with 5 questions chosen in the form of VBC.
What are the features do you look for a Cosmos developer? How do you evaluate which blockchain project can be part of your ecosystem?

Chjango: Anyone can use Cosmos software. It’s open source. Any project that successfully launches a Cosmos SDK-based blockchain is technically a part of the Cosmos ecosystem. What’s most beneficial to the ecosystem, on the other hand, is when that blockchain connects to Cosmos Hub with IBC. Furthermore, if they decide to bootstrap the security of their chain using ATOM, that further adds to the fundamental value circulating throughout the Cosmos Network.

Host: Assuming Cosmos, ETH 2.0, Polkadot, and other next gen platforms all exist in the future, what is the biggest differentiator for why dApps will choose to build on Cosmos?

Chjango: The biggest value proposition that draws a lot of blockchain app developers to Cosmos, assuming all the above has launched and are mature, is still chain sovereignty and the ability to communicate with other chains outside of their own chains. In both the ETH 2 and Polkadot worlds, the dApp continues to live within a single shared VM. If you imagine a dApp in the future as an appchain, if it lives in ETH 2 or Polkadot, it still cannot speak to other chains outside of ETH 2 or Polkadot’s network. But of course, if we’ve already established connections between Cosmos, ETH 2, Polkadot, and all the rest, then the choice between either of the 3 comes down to the different features each chain offers. But from this vantage point, at this particular time, it’s difficult to realistically assess what features any of those chains can offer that doesn’t live in the abstract. Many features have not been built yet and we don’t have much data to speak of about benchmarks and usability; it’s all theoretical.