Trang chủ Tin Tức BSC Farm AMA hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Community (24/11/2020)

BSC Farm AMA hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Community (24/11/2020)

At 1:00 PM (UTC) on November 24, 2020,  VBC hosted the AMA show with BSC Farm project, whose representative for this AMA is Mr. William Kaiser – Project Manager of BSC Group.

Brief introduction of BSC Farm and Mr. William Kaiser:
Kaiser: I’m Kaiser, project manager of BSC Farm. Accompanying me today is Mr.Buggy. He is a major support to the project
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is known as a blockchain operating on mainnet, activating the blockchain in parallel with Binance Chain. BSC allows the creation of smart contracts for blockchain tokens associated with the Binance brand.
Meanwhile, it also launched a brand new staking mechanism for the cryptocurrency of one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges.

Also BSC.Farm was created to be the pioneering step, as a leader in listing Yield Farms projects on Binance Smart Chain. Our mission is to be the most complete, accurate and leading synthesis platform within DeFi projects. Thus, becoming a place to update the news, search for projects or opportunities for investment, help users to avoid from fake information, scams, and also being a place to facilitate new and potential projects to approach their potential investors. This is not only an open playground but also an extremely selective, the BSC Farm team will always research and survey carefully before listing to bring users the safest and most effective experience.

What is the listing process of BSC Farm? How many criteria for a project to be listed on BSC Farm, and how does BSC Farm choose projects to be listed to avoid rugpulling projects? 

Currently our data is collected on BSC Scan. Once development is complete we will disclose to the community those listing processes. Stay tuned on our news channels

Any small coding error can permanently damage the entire assets of the LPs. This is the biggest risk of Yield Farming . How will BSC deal with this problem? Has your smart contract been audited by any blockchain system ? Why should we feel safe when provide liquidation for BSC ? 

– We don’t have a Farm LP at the moment, but we will have a Farm LP operation in the near future. To ensure the safety we will ask for an audit as soon as possible.
– We are planning to contact a few major auditors around the world. The audit will be announced in the near future
– Creating a safe liquidity market when our BSC number of annual inflation is low and we also believe that our products will be trusted by many people around the world