Trang chủ Phân Tích AMA UniWorld Recap hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Communnity (06/09/2020)

AMA UniWorld Recap hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Communnity (06/09/2020)

At 8h30 pm on September 06, 2020, VBC hosted the AMA show with UniWorld, whose representative for this AMA is Mr. Joey Bertschler – CMO of the project.

Info of the Guest:

Joey Bertschler works with various blockchain and AI companies such as since 2017. A lot of his work revolves around automisation and streamlining manufacturing processes.

Joey Bertschler is a multi-corporate tech executive and contributor to various outlets such as Forbes and Hacker Noon. CEO of Cool Japan Holdings — the environmental enterprise aiming to make Japan Co2 neutral by 2030 — and the VP of the Security Token Alliance, the industry’s largest think tank with over 100 partners. He is also a public speaker and a member of the European AI Alliance, Harvard Business Review, YEC and MIT Technology Review.

He started his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager by managing a media outlet and an internet provider company before specializing in Content Marketing and Blockchain. He visited over 20 countries building a truly cosmopolitan mindset.

Basic info of UniWorld:

UniWorld started quite a while ago during the early Ethereum days. We wanted to solve the scalability, interoperability and regulatory issues with e.g. the ERC20 protocol and Blockchains in general. Because we didn’t want to raise any money before we had an actual product, we skipped the 2017 ICO wave and focused on R&D using the revenue we make from our bot solutions. Now we are at the mainnet stage and our products, though rough, are ready for the users.

In other words

We ( are an ecosystem based tech syndicate. In other words, we offer many different products and services ranging from chat bots to our blockchain platform (here is a link {hyperlink “link” to a list of all Uni services}). You can also outsource your tasks to our vetted team! We don’t waste your time with whitepapers and empty emails – we go straight for a prototype/MVP, because we want you to judge and value us based on our performance and quality.

While other BC projects are normally focused on one specific application (which they don’t really serve either), Uni takes a truly cosmopolitan approach. We have offices and employees all over the world all of which work remotely and are constantly tested for their skills – no slackers allowed!

We have the experience and capability to launch many products simultaneously also thanks to our valuable long-term partnerships with software and design veterans. From blockchain to UX, Solidity to C+: we got you covered.

Below are some typical questions that the community has asked the guest:

Question 1: Which operating systems and platforms are allow to support by UniBot? What services does UniBot provide for users? What is its application?


-Literally all of them. For technical details, please refer to the white paper or @henry_ngv
-UniBot is a highly and easily customizable automization tool that can be integrated into apps, websites and alike
-UniBot in particular is great for semi- automation. For example when a user visits a page (live-chat).

Question 2: I think, if a blockchain is designed for commercialization viability, it must be maximized both decentralization and scalability. So how does UniChain solve this problem? Can you tell us what is your strategy and what are your team doing in helping the mass adoption of Uniworld?


HotStuff + DPoS hybrid technology to achieve millions of transactions per second without significant trade-off of security or decentralization. See also the white paper or consult @henry_ngv for technical details.

The team of aims to bring blockchain and AI technologies to faster adoption than could be done in relative isolation by creating a development platform that can act as foundation or bridge (interoperability).

Question 3: Why BNB is the only coin we can use to buy UNW but not any stablecoin? Do you have any plan to allow users to buy UNW with other pairs?


Uni plans to have many other coins/trading pairs follow soon. It started with BNB to increase the odds of a possible listing on Binance sometime in the future.

Question 4: What are the conditions for businesses wishing to cooperate with UniWorld? Which field does UniWorld want to cooperate with?


One one condition: have a legitimate product that actually solves a problem or be beneficial to others in a compliant and snesical way.
All the fields.

Question 5: With UniTool, developers can create their Token with any Token Name, Supply and Token symbol that they want. This sounds interesting! So is there any requirement or limit for creating Token on UniTool? What is the minimum condition?


There is a small fee involved when creating new tokens to pay for the infrastructure. Otherwise, none. Other than what first comes to mind with crypto/token, one mayalso wish to create a token as part of their customer loyalty system or to track experience points in a blockchain game. Endless possibilities.

Question 6: Which incentives for holders Uniworld for their long term investment and how to encourage them to buy and hold?


Increasing utility and rewards similar to staking incentives.

Question 7: Projects that are not traded on major exchanges remain unnoticed. What do you think about listing the token on the leading exchanges?


Uni plans to do just that. First (smaller) listing is on the Korean exchange chainx, more to come soon. Also the reason it initially started with BNB as the first trading pair – to increase the odds of a future Binance listing (aside from improving the project contineously)

Question 8: What is the main benefits of Tokenizing assets? What problems are there in Traditional ways which can be solved by Tokenization or Digital assets?


Exactly that – tokenizing them. They can be properly documented, ownership can be fractualized and more. Example: buying a house is expensive – even just 10%. 1% of not worth it because of fees and costs involved (lawyers, paperwork etc.). With tokens a lot os simplified and even 0.0001% ownership of an asset can make sense.

Question 9: What is the UniWorld vision and mission? What is the goal of an UniWorld project in 2020 or beyond in the future? What is the real use case of UniWorld token in real life?


Bring AI and blockchain adoption to realization faster than could be done in relative isolation. Second question answered elsewhere

Question 10: At the moment I don’t see UniWorld having any activities or events such as, Partnership, fork / swap, burn, feature release and so on. Can you reveal what event or program in the future?


Many initatives across the globe. Listings, PR, AMA’s, patches & updates, more services added, apps – lots

Question 11: How new developers can be attracted to build Dapps in your infrastructure? What are your marketing plans? What Coding language does UNW support to build Dapps?


Devs can use Solidity too, fees are way lower and functionality is a different one. Millions of transactions per second and the unique infrastructure in general can make it a viable alternative to ETH2 for many. Generally speaking all languages are supported one way or the other. For details @henry_ngv

Question 12: It is unfortunate that some projects remain half way because their developers abandon the concept because they cannot achieve the desired capitalization in the long term, how do you plan to make this project sustainable for its development?


Simply speaking by making it solve real life problems (or rather continue to have it this way) and make it profitable too. Do good & do well

Question 13: How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for the them to let them better understand about your project?


Indefinately. Yes, many.

Question 14: How will you continue to promote your product in the future? Do you already have plans for other interfaces with other companies?


Mostly through software updates/improvements and more cooperations/listings and partnerships where it makes sense.

Question 15: How do smart contracts mechanism and UniChain system solve the problem when the demand for payment transactions increases with high blocks?


Uni is built differently. It can handle entirely new scales. It would take planetary scale intervention for it to reach any clutter