Trang chủ Phân Tích AMA UniWorld Recap hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Communnity (06/09/2020)

AMA UniWorld Recap hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Communnity (06/09/2020)

At 8h30 pm on September 06, 2020, VBC hosted the AMA show with UniWorld, whose representative for this AMA is Mr. Joey Bertschler – CMO of the project.

Info of the Guest:

Joey Bertschler works with various blockchain and AI companies such as since 2017. A lot of his work revolves around automisation and streamlining manufacturing processes.

Joey Bertschler is a multi-corporate tech executive and contributor to various outlets such as Forbes and Hacker Noon. CEO of Cool Japan Holdings — the environmental enterprise aiming to make Japan Co2 neutral by 2030 — and the VP of the Security Token Alliance, the industry’s largest think tank with over 100 partners. He is also a public speaker and a member of the European AI Alliance, Harvard Business Review, YEC and MIT Technology Review.

He started his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager by managing a media outlet and an internet provider company before specializing in Content Marketing and Blockchain. He visited over 20 countries building a truly cosmopolitan mindset.

Basic info of UniWorld:

UniWorld started quite a while ago during the early Ethereum days. We wanted to solve the scalability, interoperability and regulatory issues with e.g. the ERC20 protocol and Blockchains in general. Because we didn’t want to raise any money before we had an actual product, we skipped the 2017 ICO wave and focused on R&D using the revenue we make from our bot solutions. Now we are at the mainnet stage and our products, though rough, are ready for the users.

In other words

We ( are an ecosystem based tech syndicate. In other words, we offer many different products and services ranging from chat bots to our blockchain platform (here is a link {hyperlink “link” to a list of all Uni services}). You can also outsource your tasks to our vetted team! We don’t waste your time with whitepapers and empty emails – we go straight for a prototype/MVP, because we want you to judge and value us based on our performance and quality.

While other BC projects are normally focused on one specific application (which they don’t really serve either), Uni takes a truly cosmopolitan approach. We have offices and employees all over the world all of which work remotely and are constantly tested for their skills – no slackers allowed!

We have the experience and capability to launch many products simultaneously also thanks to our valuable long-term partnerships with software and design veterans. From blockchain to UX, Solidity to C+: we got you covered.