Trang chủ Kiến Thức AMA FUSE Recap hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Community (21/10/2020)

AMA FUSE Recap hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Community (21/10/2020)

At 2PM (UTC) on October, 21 2020, VBC hosted the AMA show with FUSE project, whose representative for this AMA is Mr.Mark Smargon – CEO of FUSE.

Brief introduction of Fuse and Mr.Mark:

Hi I am Mark Smargon from Tel Aviv Israel, been in the crypto space for the last 8 years. I am an entrepreneur like to build companies and the first company i started when i was 14. It was ecommerce provider in Israel which my brother manages today. In 2013 i first bought some Bitcoin and this is what i do full time since. I started a Bitcoin exchange in Israel Then started Colu which was building the Colored Coins protocol on Bitcoin back in 2015 before Ethereum even launched. And last year we opened Fuse – now we believe the technology is ready for mainstream adoption and we can take all the trial and error we had in the past few years and put it to the test

Below are some typical questions that the community has asked the guest:

Question 1: How does the Fuse team plan to raise awareness about the blockchain and the Fuse project for new and new users about Fuse? Where is the market Fuse headed for? Your own assessment of the Southeast Asian market in general and the Vietnam market in particular?

Answer: We plan to raise awareness for blokchain by making it transparent to the user and remove any friction that it creates. If we want more adoption we have to stop selling blockchain to regular peoples – we need to give them benefits that blockchain can provide instead of the blockchain itself. This is a tool for us to replace Visa/ Stripe/ Square/ Paypal etc…

Southeast Asia is an underserved group in the payment sector. China has WeChat and North America has Venmo and Stripe. There need to be solutions that can be customized for each market, product, community and currency.

Question 2: What are the benefits that FUSE really brings to the community? What is the motivation for the project development? In the near future, what is your plan to attract more users?

Answer: In Israel when Mark was working at Colu he had the “the Felafel test” we would ask if a normal person who is selling Felafel can use this app. Vietnam can have “the Banh Mi test” if the person selling Banh Mi can accept payments with our applications we will have reached mainstream adoption!

Personally, my motivation is financial freedom and access to tools that can benefit SMBs to build sustainable products. We have team members in Vietnam. While the world is worried about Covid Vietnam is struggling now with floods! Fuse is aware of this and other problems around the world. We have worked with projects like to distribute donations in Seville, Spain.
You can check out a video here: