Trang chủ Phân Tích AMA Blue Helix Exchange Recap hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Community (25/09/2019) –...

AMA Blue Helix Exchange Recap hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Community (25/09/2019) – English Version

At 9pm on September 25, 2019, VBC hosted the AMA show with the Blue Helix Exchange (BHEX), whose representative for this AMA is Ms. Elsa Qiu – Director / Assistant President.

Info of the Guest:

Elsa Qiu – BHEX Director/Assistant President, In charge of Business Development and Global Expansion. Elsa started her career in Singapore Private Bank and has rich experience in asset management and investment consultation. Followed, Elsa joined Huobi Singapore as APAC Regional Business Development Manager and OTC Deputy Regional Manager, developed and acquired strategic partners in the South-East Asia and led OTC market development, establish and grow regionally. Recently, Elsa is enlisted in Top 100 Women in Fintech 2019 in Lattice80 & Miss Kaya.

Below are some typical questions that the community has asked the guest:

Question 1: What is BHT token? What is its effect? Is BHT an ordinary ICO fundraising option?

Answer: BHT is BHEX Token and now listed on BHEX Exchange and Huobi Global. There is no ICO fundraising for BHT. BHT received private investment sales from 56 leading institutional investors for equity investment and token fund investment. And BHEX Exchange is the only exchange received equity investment from both Huobi and OKEX.

BHEX is founded in April 2018, we have received 15 Million USD equity investment from well known institutions as above.

And here are our token fund investors. On 29 August, all private sale investment has released. So there will be no more BHT private sale unlock in the second market anymore. All you know about BHEX is our exchange But BHEX is not only an exchange. So BHT is not only BHEX Exchange token.

BHEX is the Leading DeFi Service & Tech Provider, founded by Mr. James JU (former Huobi CTO from 2014-2017). BHEX has 3 pillars of business of BHEX Cloud (, BHEX Exchange (, and patented BHEX Chain (

BHEX Cloud currently serve around 120 exchanges, so there are 120 exchanges using BHEX Cloud system

For BHEX Chain, it’s mainly focus on decentralized custody and clearing, and BHT will be the only native token. Testnet will be up in Q4 this year.

It’s good time to allocate some BHT on your porfolio.

Question 2: Why Huobi Global choose to invest in another exchange like BHEX? Beside the role as an investor, has Huobi Global helped BHEX anything to run the exchange better?

Answer: As shared above, BHEX is not only an exchange. BHEX is a technical service provider. the only alike part is BHEX Exchange, but the business development process is fundamentally different. We are committed to using BHEX technology to build a crypto asset trading and decentralized application ecosystem across the entire industry. our self-operated business itself (BHEX Exchange) is a template for polishing our technical products to a certain extent, we get a lot of feedback and experience from here to improve our technical products.