Trang chủ Phân Tích AMA Blue Helix Exchange Recap hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Community (25/09/2019) –...

AMA Blue Helix Exchange Recap hosted by Vietnam Blockchain Community (25/09/2019) – English Version

At 9pm on September 25, 2019, VBC hosted the AMA show with the Blue Helix Exchange (BHEX), whose representative for this AMA is Ms. Elsa Qiu – Director / Assistant President.

Info of the Guest:

Elsa Qiu – BHEX Director/Assistant President, In charge of Business Development and Global Expansion. Elsa started her career in Singapore Private Bank and has rich experience in asset management and investment consultation. Followed, Elsa joined Huobi Singapore as APAC Regional Business Development Manager and OTC Deputy Regional Manager, developed and acquired strategic partners in the South-East Asia and led OTC market development, establish and grow regionally. Recently, Elsa is enlisted in Top 100 Women in Fintech 2019 in Lattice80 & Miss Kaya.

Below are some typical questions that the community has asked the guest:

Question 1: What is BHT token? What is its effect? Is BHT an ordinary ICO fundraising option?

Answer: BHT is BHEX Token and now listed on BHEX Exchange and Huobi Global. There is no ICO fundraising for BHT. BHT received private investment sales from 56 leading institutional investors for equity investment and token fund investment. And BHEX Exchange is the only exchange received equity investment from both Huobi and OKEX.

BHEX is founded in April 2018, we have received 15 Million USD equity investment from well known institutions as above.

And here are our token fund investors. On 29 August, all private sale investment has released. So there will be no more BHT private sale unlock in the second market anymore. All you know about BHEX is our exchange But BHEX is not only an exchange. So BHT is not only BHEX Exchange token.

BHEX is the Leading DeFi Service & Tech Provider, founded by Mr. James JU (former Huobi CTO from 2014-2017). BHEX has 3 pillars of business of BHEX Cloud (, BHEX Exchange (, and patented BHEX Chain (

BHEX Cloud currently serve around 120 exchanges, so there are 120 exchanges using BHEX Cloud system

For BHEX Chain, it’s mainly focus on decentralized custody and clearing, and BHT will be the only native token. Testnet will be up in Q4 this year.

It’s good time to allocate some BHT on your porfolio.

Question 2: Why Huobi Global choose to invest in another exchange like BHEX? Beside the role as an investor, has Huobi Global helped BHEX anything to run the exchange better?

Answer: As shared above, BHEX is not only an exchange. BHEX is a technical service provider. the only alike part is BHEX Exchange, but the business development process is fundamentally different. We are committed to using BHEX technology to build a crypto asset trading and decentralized application ecosystem across the entire industry. our self-operated business itself (BHEX Exchange) is a template for polishing our technical products to a certain extent, we get a lot of feedback and experience from here to improve our technical products.

Because we are convinced that a technology company that does not operate an exchange is unable to make a truly useful product, our self-managed exchange has also done a good job. BHEX Exchange’s Users, transaction volume and revenue have maintained very stable business growth.

Huobi Global is our equity investor, same as OKEX. All our investors help their portfolio to grow better. So we will continue focusing on what we are doing now: BHEX Cloud SaaS service, BHEX decentralized custody and clearing chain and BHEX Exchange ( We have team of 60 people, close to 50 are tech guys.

Question 3: What is the Bitmore Bonus BHEX account? What are the benefits to users and investors when joining BHEX?

Answer: BHEX Bitmore Bonus account is BHEX Exchange product launched early this year. We aim to providing soft staking tools for all BTC/ETH/USDT HODLers!

Here is the link:

We give guaranteed 5% annualised daily bonus return to our participants. Some exchange platforms give very high returns but they are not giving BTC or just give platform tokens or they need to lockIup for many days. But in BHEX Bitmore Bonus Account, there is no lockup of capital and no lockup for daily bonus!

If you order BTC, you will receive BTC, same as ETH and USDT. No lock for capital, No lock for the daily bonus!
👉Order $BTC, $ETH or $USDT at T+0
👉Bonus computation at T+1
👉Bonus credited at T+2
👉Order BTC for BTC, ETH for ETH, USDT for USDT!!!

5% is not that high,but it’s guaranteed with daily bonus! So, it’s good for hodlers!

Question 4: I find BHDM very special, Can you recommend what is BHDM and why are you launching it?

Answer: BHDM is short for BHEX DeFi Market. BHEX is tech-driven company and we are building blockchain infrastructures. This is a bit technical, so give me some time. You can treat BHDM as a platform provides mobile phone hardware, IOS Operation system, and Apple store.

I will quote from an AMA shared by our founder James JU, because he is the expert *haha*

The only thing that users need to do is to create their own products on our platform. They do not need to rewrite every line of the code. Instead, they are able to reach the core business directly. At present, many companies are using our platform to develop their products.

GS Technologies, a startup launched by HOMS, the former developing team of Hang Seng Technologies, has adopted BHDM completely to develop a brand new crypto-asset trade solution, attracting more than ten clients within a month.

Up to now, the number of developers from outsourcing companies that based on our infrastructure has been ten times larger than that of our own developers. We believe our user base will grow bigger by a factor of over a hundred or even a thousand. This is our position for BHDM.

BHEX Cloud is also an very important application on our BHDM. We have moduled our features of Spot trading, OTC, Options Trading, Perpetual Contract Tradings to all our BHEX Cloud partners. So BHDM will become the bridge linking traditional industries to the blockchain. To be precise, the traditional software industry is connected to the blockchain world by BHDM. We hope BHDM to become the real bridge that integrates traditional software industry with blockchain realm, facilitating our industry to surge.

Question 5: A ton of derivatives exchanges have seen problems during volatile movements, especially when their index price is based on only 2 or 3 exchanges. How will BHEX protect traders & ensure they have a fair environment to trade in?

Answer: Yes, we have just launched our perpetual contract trading simulation platform.

We will give every one 0.5 tbtc test coin to participate in simulation competition to have a trial and understanding about our perpetual contract.

Cryptocurrencies are with high volatility and this is something trader must accept. The question is really on whether crypto exchanges are transferring extra abnormal volatility to traders, how BHEX is protecting traders from all sorts of abnormal volatility.

Firstly, BHEX Perpetual contracts adopt an underlying index that are weighted average from the most liquid spot trading markets (like Coinbase pro, Bitstamp, Kraken, etc)

Second, BHEX contracts adopts a liquidation mechanism that refers to underlying index, instead of last trading price.

Third, BHEX contracts are actually “cloud contracts”, since BHEX Cloud ecosystem has multiple exchange partners and they all share liquidity and depth

So all BHEX Cloud Partners can onboard contract trading on their exchange platform without worry about depth, liquidity or anything. BHEX will provide ALL.

BHEX contracts’ liquidation process is designed to be very comprehensive and friendly to end clients, with primary goal of reducing systematic risks. We support 1-100x

This is our UI.

and we have Auto-Deleverage Mechanism to protect and control the risk limit of all traders. When a user’s position is being liquidated, the user’s remaining position will be taken over by the system. If the position cannot be executed at the liquidation price in the market and the insurance fund is insufficient to cover the loss from this position, the Auto-Deleverage (ADL) mechanism will kick in. ADL will deleverage (close out users’ positions) users with positions on the opposite side, the deleverage queue is based on leverage and PnL. So users will not be easily force liquidated.

Guys can read on our introductions and training deck to understand it:

Here is about ALL, and what’s more. We are currently hosting BHEX Perpetual Contract Simulation Competition! It happens from 23 September to 27 September. So there are still 2 days to go to have a share of 100,000 BHT. There are 2 vietnam friends have won 3000BHT and 1000BHT

We will have daily ranking to show the winners, and the computation is from 8am-8am UTC+8. Hope all friends from VBC can come and join this competition, to have a try on BHEX Perpetual Contract and win BHT!!